Short Term Loans from Reddies Direct

Affordable Payday Loans As a licensed consumer lender, Reddies Direct provide same day Payday Loans for trusted customers looking for short term online cash advances.

Affordable Payday loans specialist, Reddies Direct, was launched in 2011 to meet the growing demand for short-term online loans.

Being a responsible lender

Responsible lending lies at the heart of the Reddies Direct ethos. That is to say: we will never encourage our customers to borrow more than they can afford.

With traditional high street lenders becoming ever more cautious in recent times, some people may look to what is available online. Anyone coming to Reddies Direct in the expectation that we're an 'easy option' will be disappointed.

Data Protection Registration ZA086769

Anti Money Laundering Number AML 13157


Affordable Payday Loans

The affordable short term loans we provide are not a cheap option, but they do provide a useful safety net for those times when only short term cash will do!

You may be surprised by the high APR we're obliged to display on all our publicity material. The reason they're high is because the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is calculated using compound interest for a whole year.

To illustrate the point: our maximum loan period is only 30 days – and the most we will lend is £400.

(See our Loan Calculator panel.)

Reddies Direct - A reputable online lender

Reddies Direct are proud to say we're a responsible lender. Our family-run company has a consumer credit licence and is also registered for Data Protection by the UK Information Commissioner.

To find out more about the Payday Loan services provided by Reddies Direct, e-mail us today – or go to our Loan Calculator NOW!!!

Borrow up to £400* cash today subject to credit approval

Use our CASH CALCULATOR to work out how much you can afford to borrow.
Then fill in our simple Online Application Form and we'll give you a decision right away.
Up to £400* could be in your bank account today!

1. Apply Now; 2. Be Approved; 3. Get Your Cash!

We're a Responsible Lender!

In the event of late or non payment your account will be put into default and charged with an additional £10 as a non payment fee, and interest will accrue on the outstanding balance at the daily rate in your loan agreement until payment is made.

We will attempt to contact you on the day of collection, by Telephone, E Mail. SMS and Letter. Failure to resolve the matter within 24 hrs after the due date will result in, your account being passed to a Debt Collection Agency, where further cost will be added.

A record of non payment of the account will be sent to the various credit reference agencies, as all lenders both short or long term, share data, this may affect your ability to obtain credit in the future.

We do allow borrowers to renew/rollover their account, this is at their own request and not automatic, this is subject to a new credit search and affordability underwriting at the time of the request, along with payment of the interest and 10% of the capital, for a maximum of 3 times.

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Quick Comparison

Reddies Competitor A Competitor B
Fee for Faster Payment? No No £5.50
What is the representative APR? 1248% 2222%* 4214%
What would a 30-day, £250 Loan cost? £309.59 £323.75 £331.10

* based on an average credit profile

 *  First time borrowers are subject to a maximum amount of £200